Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Word for the Day Wednesday


One side of justification is positive and includes what God has done for us and given to us.  A technical definition of the word justification is "to put to one's account."  When God justifies a person, He does so by placing to his or her credit the righteousness of Jesus Christ.  This balances the moral and spiritual budget for us, if you will.  God removed all of your sin.  He forgave all of it.  And then He put the righteousness of Christ into your account for the future, the part of justification that a lot of people don't know about.  Do you?  Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior?  Are you justified?  

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hannah singer said...

amen!!! LOVE this, amanda. praise jesus for justification!

one of my fave songs by a friend says this:

"In Justification: God declares sinners to be righteous by Grace Alone through Faith Alone In the finished work of Christ Alone- He saves His own Add anything to that, you're in the danger zone! At the cross, God treated Christ as if He lived my life (what?) I'm so perverted- that's why He was broken and murdered Through faith, God treats me like I lived the perfect life of Christ Yo, I can't earn it, and no I don't deserve it but...

It feels so good to be justified! Either trust or die, you must decide Stakes is high- make the right decision For the Lamb who's life was given-Christ is risen!!"

here's shai's song if you wanna hear it;)

love ya!