Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Word for the Day Wednesday

In God's Image

Sometimes we can forget that every person on this earth is simply a human being. Despite the cast systems of foreign countries and the social practices of some in our own country, no person is better than another. We all have struggles, difficulties, fears, hopes, and dreams. And we all need Christ.
No one is too great or too small to accept God's gift of salvation. In witnessing, we can run across people who are perhaps a little different than we are. Maybe they aren't dressed how we would dress, are involved in things we wouldn't take part in, or don't possess certain things we do. Simply because someone is different shouldn't keep us from telling them of salvation.
God made so many different types of people. The diversity is testament to His power and wonder. But one thing He did make the same is our need for Him. We are all born with a need for redemption, a hope of peace. God's provided that hope in His Son.
Fear should never keep you from witnessing to another person. The world is full of fears and rejection, but realize that every person wants what you want-a secure future and peace within. Whether they admit it or not, our world is searching for truth. You may see a front of anger, rejection, fear, or dismissal when presenting others with God's gift; but be faithful to spreading the Gospel to even the "unlovable" people of the world.

Blessings To You


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